Krazy Kids Thermal Top

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Krazy Kids Thermal Tops are perfect for your little, to show their inner wild! 

You will never find two Krazy kids' thermal tops that are the same. That's Krazy Right!  Our unique one-of-a-kind mismatched colors are carefully hand-picked by us to make the perfect krazy combination.  Have your kid's long underwear show off their wild side on their next adventure..

We make sure our Stripes suit both boys and girls, a unisex color pallet. But we understand the unknown can sometimes be a little too Krazy for us adults, so, we will offer you a choice between Boy or Girl tones.

Or you can always drop us an email after you place your order with suggestions of colors you would like to see your little one in.  


Our New Zealand Premium Polypropylene is breathable and quick drying.  The forgiving stretch that is built in during weaving, allows for the sizes to have a broad range, fitting just about everybody, great for nature schooling, outdoor adventure, or skiing. 




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Krazy kids thermal tops are bright striped kids thermal top, no two tops are a like
 Krazy kids thermal tops are one of a kind colour combination tops for kids
Krazy Kids thermal tops are bright unique one of a kind striped kids tops
Krazy Kids Thermal Top n/a