Your Premium Schoeller Polypro Knitted Base Layers

STRIPES GEAR base layers are the ideal next-to-skin layer for any outdoor activity or for just keeping you warm on those cold days & nights. The Premium Schoeller polypropylene fiber is the highest quality fiber of it's type in the world that transfers perspiration to the outside of the garment to evaporate – creating a personal ‘climate control zone’ and preventing post-exercise chill.

It's Itch-Free for the sensitive souls who can't do wool and quick to dry on the road on any adventure.

Made in New Zealand using Premium Schoeller Polypropylene, Stripes Gear designs functional and fun base layers for everyone from 18 months up to Adults  XX Large. We are a family business proudly designing in Cumberland BC Canada, where the outdoors shelter us, give us life, a living and a playground. We know our gear, because we need our gear, everyday.. we get it! Discover Stripes Gear for yourself and feel the Stripes Difference..



When the life you love is outdoors, you need them to be warm too!

Functional and techincal pieces for your life Outside..

With 100%  Schoeller Premium Grade Polypropylene, Stripes Gear has the best thermal properties of any known fibre - natural or man made. As a fabric, it has the lowest moisture regain compared to other similar materials. (minimal absorption) Merino/wool blended fabrics which wicks & absorbs moisture, stay wet, heavy, and clammy for longer.

Why invest in Stripes?

At Stripes Gear, it is our passion to produce high performance, stylish base layers that look and feel great for the entire family.

Stripes Gear is custom machine knitted to our specs and stitched by hand, so I feel a little piece of New Zealand goes into every pair. We want the parents and family of great folks all over the world to feel how warm and cosy Stripes Gear can be. It is our cheeky belief, that by providing bright colours to the winter mix, we can only bring a smile to the face of everyone who tries them.

Those who have them, love them!

"These are a super fun set that kept my daughter comfortable on a spring day with just a sweatshirt and ski pants. They are so colorful and well made. I ordered them a little big so she can wear them next year. She never got hot or sweaty in them, and they are not thick so you could layer up with them as well if needed."

"I just received a pair of these candy cane stripes and they are super soft and comfortable to wear. I wore them as a single base layer on a 60 degree day and wasn't too hot in them. I can't wait to wear them next year all season long. They also seem like they will be great for a hiking trip I have planned this summer to the top of Mt. Washington."

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