Hinton - Pants

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A Beautiful combination of ocean blues and a pop fall forest greens

All Stripes Gear comes with a slightly higher rise to ensure no gaps between the top and pant. Kids love the mix of colours and will stay in them as long as you will let them, they have to get washed at some point! 


 * 100% Premium Schoeller Polypropylene 

* specifically engineered so that it does not need chemical coatings to enhance performance.

* non-allergenic 

* quick drying 

* breathable

 Care Instructions:  

* Gentle cycle with no scratchy objects in hot water 

* Hang your Stripes out to dry, we take about 2-3 hours to dry  

* We do not like heat or the dryer 


Hinton - Pants Stripes Gear
Hinton - Pants Stripes Gear
Hinton - Pants Stripes Gear